Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be a WWOOFER... huh?

Another cool way to discover the world is through an organization called: W.W.O.O.F. Joining up is easy online, with many countries having their own membership guidelines. Fees are nominal and give you access to the huge database of local WWOOF Hosts. Then you can target specific folks to visit and work with and begin to chat with them to see if you'd be a good fit. Check out:, for example.

The following excerpt is from a fellow WWOOFer's article...published in Concordia Link.

"How to be a raging WWOOFer
For a fee, an individual becomes a member of WWOOF Canada and is sent a booklet that lists national host farms. WWOOF Canada is among one of the sister sponsoring countries that branched off from the idea, which took root in England in 1971 by a woman named Susan Coppard.

Originally called Working Weekends on Organic Farms, the idea was based on providing keen city-dwelling supporters of the organic processes with access to the countryside. While it all started with a trial weekend, WWOOF has now spread into an internationally recognized volunteer organization. Thanks to the British innovation, today's traveller can pack a bag along any global trail to experience what it is like to truly be a part of the eco-farming movement.

TV producer and experienced WWOOFer Patti Murphy knows the desire to discover a foreign place well. Willpower drove her to spread her volunteering career past a plethora of organic garden love affairs in Mexico and France and to take a chance in Japan's rice fields.

Murphy coins her experience as "traveling deep" - getting out of the comfort zone and into a cultural exchange to develop a new perspective on something meaningful. "That's when you find out things about yourself," she added.

There's a fear of the unknown and you do't know what to expect but you have to be willing to do it" she explained. "It's kind of mind blowing".

View entire article by Chloe H. here:
 and check back later for a super recipe for Miso Soup I learned while there from my friend Yuma.

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